Vampire® Procedures

Did you know there is a way to recapture your youth using your body’s own natural resources? We are proud to be a certified provider of all Vampire® Procedures at Houston Health & Wellness. Vampire is a proprietary technique that utilizes platelet rich plasma (PRP) to address common aging concerns, including facial wrinkles, painful sex, incontinence, erectile dysfunction and hair loss. Many of these issues can greatly impact your self-confidence, quality of life and overall well-being. When Platelet Rich Plasma is separated from the whole blood, it is concentrated with powerful growth factors and bioactive proteins that can naturally turn back the hands of time. Vampire® treatments are non-surgical and very affordable.

Patients often seek Vampire® procedures as a way to avoid the expense, downtime and risks of cosmetic surgery. They also gain a more natural and safer treatment alternative than using synthetic fillers and injectables. Vampire® procedures use the powerful regenerative powers of your own blood to stimulate collagen regrowth, repair tissues and ultimately revitalize the skin. Therefore, the risk of allergic reaction and adverse effects are virtually eliminated.

We have a team of highly skilled medical professionals who are qualified to offer a complete menu of Vampire® procedures in the comfort of our Houston office:

If you would like to learn more about these non-surgical, natural and proven anti-aging treatments, please contact Houston Health & Wellness today.

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