PRP Hair Re-Growth

A full head of hair portrays youth and vitality. Unfortunately, millions of people experience hair loss each year. Balding or thinning hair can bring significant consequences, including those that involve your self-esteem, professional career, social life and more. There are many hair loss treatments available today. However, topical products do not always work and invasive hair transplant surgery may not be affordable or desired. As part of our Vampire® Procedures at Houston Health & Wellness, we are proud to integrate the powerful and all-natural Vampire® technique of using platelet rich plasma to stimulate new hair growth in balding men and women. With Vampire Hair Regrowth therapy, we are able to use the regenerative capabilities of a small amount of your blood plasma to restore a full, healthy and natural head of hair. This in-office procedure is quick, budget-friendly and delivers sustainable results.

When choosing Houston Health & Wellness for hair loss treatment, you can trust that our physicians will examine the specific cause of your hair loss before moving forward with treatment. There are many reasons for male and female hair loss, including those that are caused by genes, medications or certain medical conditions. Hair loss occurs when the normal hair growth cycle is disrupted. Alopecia aerate is a form of hair loss that is caused by an autoimmune disorder, and it can be challenging to treat. The most common form of hair loss is androgenic alopecia, which is male pattern thinning. Male pattern baldness occurs when the hair follicles shrink over time. This eventually results in a failure to grow new hair altogether. Male sex hormones (dihydrotestosterone) and genetics are driving factors for this type of hair loss, which typically occurs in the front, crown and top of the scalp.

The trademarked Vampire® technique for Hair Regrowth can be used to treat many types of hair loss, including common male pattern thinning as well as alopecia aerate. We are proud to offer such an effective non-surgical remedy to our patients, one that requires no downtime and is safer than hair transplant surgery or injecting synthetic products into the scalp.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

The Vampire Hair Regrowth technique involves platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. When transferring your own platelet rich plasma into balding areas of the scalp, a regenerative process occurs within the hair follicles. PRP is enriched with growth factors and bioactive proteins that are known for promoting wound healing, tissue repair and hair growth. In the medical treatment of male and female hair loss, PRP can awaken dormant hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth by inducing hair stem cells to enter their growth phase. Essentially, PRP can reverse the hair miniaturization (thinning) process that occurs in common baldness. PRP hair loss treatments can also be used to enhance a previous hair transplant surgery, as it promotes better healing and enhances the hair growth results.

To learn more about how PRP therapy works for hair loss, please contact Houston Health & Wellness today. The Vampire Hair Regrowth technique can be a long-term solution to restore your hair without surgery or repeated synthetic products. Unlike other forms of non-surgical hair restoration methods, platelet rich plasma does not cause burning or itching after treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vampire PRP Hair Growth Procedure

Who is a good candidate for the Vampire Hair Growth Procedure?

A candidate for the Vampire Hair Growth Procedure needs to have live hair follicles and realistic expectations of results to expect. Patients results vary, but most individuals experience about a 30% increase in hair growth.

Is the Vampire Hair Growth Procedure Painful?

Numbing anesthetics are applied before the procedure to numb the area.

Is the Vampire Hair Growth Procedure done in one visit?

The Vampire Hair Growth Procedure is recommended as a single treatment for women and a double (two treatments ) for men.

What is the cost for the Vampire Hair Growth Treatment?

The cost of the Vampire Hair Growth Treatments are $1900

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